Framonics Type-C USB C Mobile Gaming Controller (gamepad tipo c)with a headphone jack

$54.99 $79.99

Plug in your phone and start the game, no need to charge, no cumbersome setup process, enjoying the game is so easy.

·  Stretched to 170mm, the handles do not block the screen

·  Use 20 Japanese Alps buttons to satisfy one-finger control

·  Type-C Pass-through charging

·  Lowest latency connection

·  3.5mm headphone jack

·  Slim and graceful 50g


Plug In & Instantly Connected

Movable Type-C Plug Port: 

Taking your phone plug the Type-C port, which will play games, you don't need to press any button to turn on it. The gamepad does not require batteries, but can be charged while playing games.


No Delay, No Interruption:

The Type-C physical hardware direct connection design makes the gamepad more stable and smooth. Compared with Bluetooth connection, the Type-C direct connection version allows the player to stay online stably.

The patented technology realizes receiving and transmitting the underlying system data, and the skills are triggered faster.

Personalized Setting Buttons:

The players only need to download the 'Game Center for SOE' application in the app store for Google Play to customize the button settings.

The retractable handle-mobile game controller, suitable for about 3.5-6.5inch Type-C charging port phones. The stretchable handle can help you extend the gamepad so that it fits the phone perfectly and holds it tightly.

Easy to Play and Comfortable:

The game handle adopts ergonomic design, so the player will not feel fatigued after playing the game for a long time.You can directly use the 3.5mm headphone jack that comes with the gamepad, so that you won't be bothered by the game sound delay when playing the game.Of course, you can also use a Bluetooth headset to connect to your phone. However, we think the way to plug in the 3.5mm interface is best.

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