Framonics M1 No Signal Lag Multi-Platform Android USB C Controller Mobile Game Controller for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android Phones

SKU: FRA-002

$39.99 $49.99

Framonics M1 Multi-Platform USB C Mobile Game Controller With Patented Technology is suitable for Xbox cloud games on Android phones tipo c.

This mobile phone gamepad features reliable technology, to deliver higher response speed and excellent transmission speed for game playing, which allows the user to perform skills more precise and accurate during game with the gamepad and enjoy a smooth and better gaming experience.

·  3 in 1 mobile game & emulator

·  Without lagging, smooth streaming

·  6-axis gyroscope assisted aiming

·  High-quality game control rocker

·  Type-C PD/Fast charging

·  For Type-C Android phones


Support 3 Different Modes: Emulator Mode:just choose the Emulator mode in SOE APP to play, no need of any other settings. Mobil Game Mode: Adopted the newest Key Mapping technology, customized keys mapping according to your own habits via App.

TYPE-C Wired, Latency-Free: Stable Transmission, without lagging. Smooth streaming. No Signal loss, No Delay, which means instant button response, unlike wireless Bluetooth controllers which produce lag. (Only compatible with Android smart phone with USB-C port)Asymmetric Motor and Six-Axis Gyroscope: Provide the right vibration intensity in the right scene. Gamepad supports motion control, and more sensitive in recognizing the player's movements, which are then reflected in the game, allows players to control the character more accurately and stably.

Charging phone while playing: Mobile game controller without battery, no need to pair or charge to achieve plugging and playing. And you can charge your phone via Type C charging port while in use.

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